Cocktail Snack Menu

Chicken, Beef & Fish Platters.

Corporate Lunches

Main Course, Starches, Salads or Vegetables.

Braai Menus

Choice Braai, Popular Braai, Seafood Braai, Executive Braai, Meat & Seafood Braai, Value Braai, Ox Braai.

Spit Braai Menus

Lamb Spit Braai, Popular Spit & Potjie Braai, #-Course Choice Spit Braai, Value Spit Braai, Winter Spit Braai.

Starter Menu

17 Great Starter Menus to choose from.

Dessert Menu

11 Dessert menus to choose from.

Wedding Menus

3 Course Buffet Menu.

Side Order Extras

A selection of items to add to your menu, or to build your own goodie bag.