Assorted Muffin Platter

Served with Jams, Grated Cheese and Mini butters.

R 197.50

Beef Spread Platter

Platter filled with variety of beef items

R 399.50

Braai Platter - Spicy

Marinated Beef Sosaties, Braaied Tender Lamb, Beef Steak & much more.

R 430.00

Braai Platters - Chicken

Spicy Chilli Chicken Wings, Mini Chicken Drumsticks, Honey Mustard Basting.

R 330.00

Braai Platters - Seafood

Mussels with Garlic Butter, Calamari skewers, Lemon Pepper, Apricot Glazed Yellowtail.

R 350.00

Braai Platters - Select

Mini Pita, Mini Boerewors Rolls, Mini Lemon and herb basted Lamb, Mini Chicken Drumsticks.

R 499.50

Braai Platters - Variety

Mini Chicken Drumsticks, Spit Braaied Lamb, Mini Boerewors Rolls, Mushroom Skewers, Beef S...

R 399.50

Braai Platters - Vegetarian

Marinated Mushroom Skewers, Butternut Kebabs, Basted Baby Marrows.

R 280.00

Canape Platter

Canape platter with assorted toppings

R 227.50

Cheese & Biscuit Platter

Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, Blue & Cottage Spread.

R 280.00

Chicken Spread Platter

Platter filled with a variety of chicken items

R 297.50

Choice Platter

Cocktail Sandwich with Roast Meat filling, Samoosas, Beef Kebabs & more.

R 299.50

Cocktail Croissant Platter

15 Cocktail Butter Croissants with a variety of fillings.

R 185.00

Cocktail Quiche Platter

Variety of cocktail quiches with assorted fillings.

R 227.50

Cocktail Sandwich Platter

Egg Mayonnaise, Roasted Meat, Cheese and Tomato, Tuna mayonnaise, Chicken Mayonnaise.

R 135.00

Cocktail Sweet Platter

Cocktail Snack Menu, Cocktail Sweet Platter

R 255.00

Cold Meat Platter

Selection of top quality meats, roasted, smoked & marinated.

R 495.00

Executive Cheese Platter

An assortment of Cheeses, Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, Blue, Assorted Biscuits, French Bread.

R 425.00

Fresh Crudite Platter

A selection of fresh vegetables served with a dip.

R 197.50

Fresh Fruit Platter

An assortment of fresh fruits in season. 6 - 10 persons.

R 270.00

Health Platter

Pickled Veg Kebab, Baked Marinated rolled Chicken, Savoury Filled Eggs & more.

R 299.50

Hot Snack Platter A

Cocktail Beef Pies, Sausage Rolls, Mini Quiches, Phyllo Pastry with Chicken.

R 380.00

Hot Snack Platter B

Cocktail Chicken Pies, Cocktail Beef Ribs, Mini Pita's, Phyllo Pastry, Springrolls.

R 390.00

Mexican Platter

Tortillas, Alachaka Drumsticks, Springrolls, Crumbed Jalapenos, Steak Bite Skewers & more.

R 290.00

Mixed Burger Platter

Cocktail Hamburgers, Cocktail Chicken Burgers, Cocktail Boerewors Rolls.

R 280.00

Mixed Kebab Platter

Selection of Marinated Beef and Chicken skewered as Cocktail Kebabs

R 399.50

Pita Platter

24 Cocktail Pitas with a variety of fillings.

R 150.00

Popular Platter

Quiches, Cocktail wraps with filling, Spring Rolls, Spicy Meat Balls, Spinach Phyllo & mor...

R 299.50

Seafood Platter

Calamari, Prawns, Shrimps, Crabsticks, Mussels, Fish Cakes.

R 335.00

Select Platter

Smoked Chicken Breasts, Spinach Phyllo, Crumbed Calamari Rings, Butter-fried Prawns with a...

R 350.00

Snack Buffet A

Fresh Mini Savoury Scones, Cocktail Springrolls, Tender tasty Chicken Satays, Tender Calam...


Snack Buffet B

Upmarket Snacks. One of BC's favourites.


Sushi Platter

A selection of fresh Sushi delicacies served with Wasabi- and soya sauce.

R 399.50

Vegetarian Platter

Cocktail Quiches, Mozzarello Skewers, Fried Crumbed Mushrooms, Samoosas & more.

R 245.00

Wrap Platter

Wraps with Beef and Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato with Sweet Chilli Dressing.

R 305.00